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What is the best electric scooter for kids? Roundup of age ranges 8 to 16


Considering a junior battery powered electric scooter for your child?

In this guide we’ve reviewed the best on the market. Find out how to choose the best scoot by

  • Age appropriateness
  • Skill level


For most kids (and parents), a simple charge up and go solution with zero fuss or maintenance is the way to go.


what is the best electric scooter for kids, by age.

Best places to buy a kids scooter include:

Ride + Glide have the keenest prices in the UK and include delivery and time to pay options. The UK’s favourite kids electric scooter is the E90 by Razor. Have a look on the Ride + Glide website.

Guide to buying a junior electric scooter for your child


Best kids e-scooters by age


There are some important considerations when buying a kid’s electric scooter. The key to helping your child enjoy the best scoot experiences is to choose a scooter that suits their age, size, and self-confidence.

Get the right electric scooter for kids and they’ll ride until the battery gives up. 


With a range of choices on offer, kids tend to love scooters they have helped to pick out.


This kids electric scooter guide will help you find the perfect powered transport for your child.

skeleton shot of an electric battery powered scooter for kids, juniors and young people

Can kids of all ages ride electric scooters?


Most times, your child will start on a manual two or three-wheeled kick scooters. These help with balance and building some self-confidence before progressing on to an electric-powered model.


Kids are at varying levels, and their skills are not always determined by age. Scooting works well for children who first learn fine motor skills that help to steer, ride, and push a scooter without parent supervision. At this stage, your child might want to move along to a more advanced model.


Happy kids and independence go hand in hand, so a pre-school, low-grade kick scooter is an ideal starting place. But if your son or daughter is a thrill seeker they might go well with an electric scooter right away. 


As a parent, you will ultimately decide when your kids age range is good to progress onto an electric model. Scooter safety is the priority followed by performance and reliability. Choosing an age appropriate scooter is the best way to safe scooting while supporting having fun.


The recommended age to ride a powered scooter is now 8-years old and above. If your child is under this bracket, think before you decide if they are ready to handle a powered device.


See how well they perform on a manual kick scooter and consider their size, weight and ability to handle a powered scooter independently.

group of young children riding manual kick scooters that are ideal before an electric model

What are the best electric scooters for kids aged between 8 and 12 years of age?


Get ready for your kids beaming facial expression when they first see their new electric scooter!

Three E90 Razor scooters lined up in a row

Our verdict

The Razor E90 is a popular scooter amongst kids and adults plus it has excellent battery life. But, kids should take care getting use to this scooter as it feels pretty nippy the first few times of riding. Definitely needs adult supervision on the first few try’s.


Well built
Looks good (especially pink and black)


Takes a bit of time to learn to ride and could knock a kids confidence when they first get onboard



E90 Razor Power Core Electric Scooter


Britains favourite scooter for kids up to 10-years old

Suited for the age range of 8-years and over, the E90 is one of the UK’s popular kids’ scooters. There are minor differences between the E90 and its slightly bigger brother, the E100.


Razor E90 specifications


  • Top speed 10 mph (that is enough speed for most preteens)
  • Kick start with a rear electric motor
  • Ride time (battery life) 80-minutes (perfect for your little one)
  • Push-button acceleration makes for smooth riding
  • Hand-operated brake lever with easy hold grip handles
  • Different colours are available depending
  • Flip kick stand
  • Little maintenance to keep your child scooting


E90 is marginally slower to ride than the E100 which will put you at some ease as a slower scooter is more comfortable to handle, especially if your child is small for their age.

Ride weight is limited to 120 lbs.

Ride time is much improved for uninterrupted scooting and comes out with an extra 20-minutes compared to E100.




Razor E90 Green £179.00 – View on

Razor E90 Pink (was £262.00) currently £170.99 – View on


Ride + Glide (cheapest in the UK)

Razor E90 is available in black, pink, blue and green for £169.99 (Finance options available around £30 p/month). – View the E90 on Ride + Glide


Tip: Keep all kid’s scooters away from wet conditions. It’s bad for the kick scooter motor and makes riding slippery.

Read our full review of the Razor E90 electric scooter

Deck shot of the E100 by manufacturer Razor

Our verdict

The Razor E100 is great child scooter that’s both nippy and reliable. Battery life is not so good. Manufacturer promises 60-minutes but the scoot slows down after 45-minutes or so.


Quick for kids
Solid and reliable
Little maintenance


Compared to its little E90 brother, the E100 battery is not so good.



E100 Razor Electric Scooter


This e-scooter is a favourite for kids aged 8-12 years. It comes in a variety of colours (get your child involved in colour choice!).


Main specs of the E100 Power Core


  • Top speed of 11 mph
  • Kick start with a rear electric scooter motor.
  • Ride time (battery life) 60-minutes before a recharge. After an hour, the scooter begins to slow down and is ready for a recharge.
  • Twist hand throttle
  • Finger lever braking system and soft grip handles
  • Range of colours
  • Kick stand
  • Little maintenance required

Razors E100 scooter is a good fit for most kids that want to have fun in the neighbourhood.


Maintenance is minimal by build:


  • No oily chains
  • No belts
  • No alignments to think about.

The throttle and brake are easy to manage as both are hand-operated. It is one of the reasons the E100 is a hit with parents and kids alike.


Drawbacks with this scooter


Charge time is up to 12-hours. It is actually pretty standard, but most kids are itching to get scooting again as quickly as possible.




They range a little from one vendor to another

Amazon prices go up and down, but offers are around £228.00, delivered. View on


Pure Electric

Pure Electric UK had a current offer of £179.99 but Amazon is the only option now for parents in the UK.

They also offered finance deals. Over six months was £30.00 with multiple options.


Read our full Razor electric scooter E100 review.

Our verdict

Razor GLOW is built similarly to the standard E90. The electroluminescent deck is the main difference between the two scooters and the feature gobbles up a bit of battery power. Expect about an hour of scooting compared to 1 hr 20 with the standard E90 electric scooter.


Most kids aged around 8-years of age love the look of the E90 Glow
Reliable and durable
Easy to maintain 


Main drawback is short battery life due to the glow deck.



child riding the E90 glow by Razor

Razor E90 Glow Electric Scooter


Razor’s glow scooter ticks lots of boxes in age-appropriate scooter riding. A reliable battery life of an hour with a funky above and below deck light glow.


The feature includes electroluminescent wire on deck with 6 LEG lights on the lower part of the deck.


If your child loves flare, the E90 Glow is going to be a winner.


Important specifications


  • Top speed 10 mph
  • Kick start and go
  • Ride battery time 60-minutes
  • Push-button accelerator
  • Hand-operated brake lever
  • Little maintenance




This kids electric scooter is relatively new on the market and sometimes unlisted on Amazon.

Currently it’s available for £299 + delivery (£12.98) – Check on


Pure Electric

A lean price of just £159.99 but Pure have frustratingly discontinued Razor products. For parents here in the UK, Amazon is the only choice.


Read our full review of the Razor E90 Glow Power Core Electric Scooter

Our verdict

The Razor E200 performs well for kids aged 10-years or more. It’s a bit quicker than its baby brothers E100 and E90 with a robust design in comparison.


Auto-start-up without kick start
Super quiet motor
Good for scooters weighing up to 11 stone


At peak times it is tricky to buy online 
Takes half an hour to put together out of the box



Razor E200 Electric Scooter


Razor E200 is offered in a range of colours and comes with a new twist-grip throttle assembly. This kids electric scooter is compatible for seated scooting which may be its best feature.


A full speed you’ll get 40-minutes of e scooter time or around 10-miles.


Important specifications


  • Top speed 12 mph
  • Twist-grip throttle
  • Ride battery time 40-minutes
  • Seated options
  • Soft rubber grips
  • Little maintenance




Latest price at £348.99 and £19.90 delivery – Check on


Pure Electric

Currently, out of stock and Pure no longer sell Razor e scooters. The E200 by Razor is only available on Use the link above to take a look.


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The E200 colour range offered by Razor.

Our verdict

The Razor E300 is best suited to children aged 13-years and above. With a top speed of 15 mph, the 300 is a lot quicker than the E90 and E100.


Good for teenagers and adults
Increased weight limit of approximately 15 stones
Amazing top speed of 15 mph – the quickest scooter in its price range


Difficult to store away and its not particularly portable
Needs some initial assembly
Lengthy charge time of around 12-hours



Razor E300 Electric Scooter


The E300 is underrated and a little unknown to budding riders. But, it’s sturdy, fast and cheap to buy. No other UK e scooter around this price point tops a speed of 15 mph. 


Some of the best features includes a rear hand operated brake and twist throttle.


Important specifications


  • Top speed 15 mph
  • Twist grip throttle
  • Ride battery time 45-minutes or about 10-miles
  • Hand-operated brake lever
  • Looks great
  • Little maintenance




This kids electric scooter is relatively new on the market and sometimes unlisted on Amazon.

Priced at £389.95 with free delivery for Prime members – See it on


Pure Electric

Out of stock, the Pure Air is a comparative model  – view on Pure Electric


Check our full review of the Razor E300 Electric Scooter

Razor E300 power escooter in white.

Considerations with Razor electric scooters


Kick start is a common feature on most kids scooter. The electric motor starts up by pushing the scooter off from a standing start. 


Models E90, GLOW and E100 mean your child needs to get up to 3 mph before the motor engages (kick-start scooters). E200 and E300 are twist grip models that engage from a stationary position. 


Variables that impact performance


Child size/weight, hills and inclines, weather conditions, tyre inflation and battery charge all affect scooter performance and the kind of experience your child will have on any of the scooters discussed in this guide.


Scooters Electric always recommend proper adult supervision, especially during the first few rides, before full confidence is found.

Our verdict

It’s hard to knock the E-Prime. It has great speed at 15 mph and looks fab in gun-metal grey and matt black. Okay, so the battery life is poor at only 40-minutes but for the cost of this scoot, it’s a sound investment and teenagers love it!


Very quick
Sleek, durable and easy to ride
Nice fold up operation


40-Minute battery life is a snag but not one that should stop you from buying.



Grey Razor e prime scooter designed for 12 to 15 years of age

Razor E Prime Air Electric Scooter


Teens don’t always want the same kind of e-scooter as younger kids. Because teens are usually a bit bigger and able to handle a bit more speed, they’ll often want the next step up from Razors beginner choices.


The E Prime by Pure is a cracking scooter for teenagers.


For young people aged 13 to 15 years of age, the E Prime Air Electric fits the bill perfectly.


It is stylish, comfortable, and it performs. Key features include an 8″ pneumatic front tyre that levels out tougher riding surfaces with a robust aluminium frame.


With a 36V lithium-ion pack, rechargeable battery, the E Prime Air Scooter makes a top speed of 15 mph.


E Prime specifications


  • Top speed 15 mph
  • Thumb activated, paddle controlled, variable speed throttle
  • Ride time approximately 40-minutes before the scooter loses power
  • Available only in black (looks very cool)
  • Brakes are thumb-activated paddle and rear fender controlled
  • Prism shaped, soft rubber moulded grips
  • Maximum rider weight is 91 kg




Now offering the Razor Air Scooter from £399.00 to £499.00 delivered with Prime membership – View on


Ride + Glide

We found the Razor for £475.00 on Ride + Glide. That’s the cheapest in the UK and they offer some decent finance options.


Pure Electric

Pure Electric offers excellent after-sales service and price match Amazon at £349.00 with finance options available – View on Pure Electric


Check our full review of the Razor E-Prime electric scooter

Buying a kids e-scooter


Are there other things to consider before I buy?


Whereabouts will your child be scooting?

To and from school, on the driveway at home or the rear garden, local parks or around the neighbourhood?


Some scooters have hard, fixed wheels, while others offer air-filled rubber tyres (on the front wheel at least).


Where your kid rides should influence the type of scooter, you end up buying. Choose a scoot that is age-appropriate while meeting their needs.


Razor scooters are a top brand offering sleek designs and solid reliability.


New scooters all include a 90-day warranty, but UK residents are covered by Consumer Rights anyhow. If you hit reliability issues in the first few months of purchase, you should have few issues in getting a replacement or refund.

Safety is paramount


Your child must wear a crash or cycle helmet and knee/elbow pads. It only takes for a slip to pick up a nasty cut or graze.


Confidence equals enjoyment


Stick with your kid when they first get going on their new scooter. It won’t take long for them to build some self-confidence and feel like they can handle things.


It’s good to be around though especially for the first few rides.


Safety rules when riding an electric scooter in the UK


Once you have chosen the best electric scooter for your child, support them correctly by understanding scooting rules of riding, before they get underway.


Each model has its own age and weight limit recommendations. Follow these to ensure scooting safety and enjoyment.


If your child is under 8 years of age, always supervise them.


We must mention safety gear again.


This includes an approved safety helmet with a sturdy buckle and chin strap, knee and elbow pads.


Your child will also benefit from soft rubber-soled for riding. These provide an extra layer of grip on the scooter deck, especially if conditions are a little tricky. Make sure laces are tied up correctly and kept away from the moving parts of the scooter and its electric motor.


  • Always avoid open-toe shoes or sandals.


  • Start slow, build confidence and then gain speed…


  • There is no need for your child to go all out at maximum scooting speed.


  • Have them take their time by testing their limits and that of their new scooter.


Once your child begins to feel relaxed and comfortable, they will quickly build up new levels of confidence that can often flow into other areas of their life.

Personal comments for parents who plan to buy an electric scooter for their child


Riding a scooter safely, while having fun requires focus and confidence.


There are many unexpected obstacles and obstructions along the way that can easily distract your child while they are riding. Wherever possible, try to keep in broad, open areas that are distant from too many distractions.

Do’s and do not’s of scooting


  • Keep hold of the handlebars all of the time. Because scoot handlebars are shorter than most bicycles, even one hand off can instantly lead to a fall.


  • Avoid wet conditions where you can. Also stay away from ice, mud, water and slippery drain covers.


  • Pay attention when scooting from one surface to another, i.e. asphalt to tarmac.


  • Never wear headphones or use a mobile phone or camera while riding.


Scooting is some of the best fun a kid will have, but safety is always paramount. Help your child adapt as quickly as possible.


Maintenance and best practices


Alongside scooting safety, taking great care of your scooter means a machine that performs better for longer. 


Do a visual inspection before each new ride ensuring guards and covers are securely fitted. 


Pull the brake lever and push the scooter forward to check stop power. 


If your kid’s scooter has air-filled tyre (s), check they are pumped up to the correct psi and in good overall condition (sufficient grip/tread).


If replacement parts are needed, use the manufacturer website or company where you purchased. Parts must be in accordance with specifications outlined by manufacturers. 


Scooter identification can be found on significant parts like the battery, frame/stem, charging system and cardboard box when the scooter was first delivered.


Charge the battery after each ride, even if the scooter was used for only ten minutes or so.


Your child’s scooter is an investment so remind them to look after it. It should be parked on its stand or up against a wall that’s out of harm’s way. 


Choosing the best age-appropriate kids scooter


With a wide range of scoots to pick from, have a sound idea of the factors needed to give your child the safest experience that is fun and builds confidence.


  • What is the preferred top speed?
  • What colour?
  • What is the typical cost of the scooter you need?
  • Which are appropriate to your child’s age?


Make a quick list of requirements, preferably with your child. Use the list to narrow down choices until you have two or three to choose from. With a final list, check out reviews, star ratings on Amazon and other scooter providers until you find the one that feels correct.


Kids electric scooters are ideal gifts for birthdays, special calendar events, or just to put a big smile on your child’s face.


With some research and careful decision making, you and your child will choose a safe scooter, fun giving that’s a real confidence builder