Inokim Ox Electric Scooter


Full review of Inokim’s renowned OX

Inokim lead the way in e-scooter technology. Their electric scooters are always more expensive than competitor models, but for good reason. Speed, reliability and charging times tend to be superior alongside build quality, and the Inokim Ox is no exception.


Man riding the Inokim Ox scooter quickly around a right corner

Ready for the best affordable e-scooter on offer?

Spend a little more and get an unmatched adult riding experience with great reliability.

Yes, the Inokim OX is our favourite adult powered electric scoot. Check it out right now on Pure Electric.

Model NO.
Inokim Ox
20.8 AH
Max Speed
29 mph
Max Load
130 kg 
Motor Power
800 watt brushless motor
Range Per Charge:
60 miles
62 mile max
Tyre Size
10 inch
Net Weight
28.3 kg
Charging Time
Approx. 7 hrs
Waterproof Level
Currently unknown
Adults only
United Kindgom / rest of world
120 x 58 x 128 cm

Inokim Ox Ratings

Review Box 0
9.4 / 10 Rating
Value for Money9.5

Can I buy the Ox scooter in the UK?


With its price tag ranging from around £1,399 to £1,999, depending on what website you visit and any sales/ promotions that are available, the Inokim OX is certainly on the higher end of the electric scooter price range.

At the same time, many stores are sold out, making it a tad more difficult to find. If you don’t mind searching around and are comfortable with the price, the OX is certainly worth considering.

No available on Amazon and Pure Electric run dry of stock every few months. If you find one for sale, we suggest you snap it up right away.


  • Check Pure Electric now for the lowest prices and highly reviewed customer services. Currently offered under £1,400 with a range of time to pay options.
young man in shorts jumping on an Inokim scooter model OX black and orange

The scooter is designed to ride on a range of surfaces and conditions

Ground level rear view of the Ox air-filled Pneumatic tyre by Inokim

Our verdict

The Inokim OX is one of the top-rated e-scooters on the market. It’s rapid, strong but also heavy. We can’t find a comparative scooter that is as good as the OX.

If you want a similar scooter that’s a little more lightweight, check the Inokim Quick 3 on our review page.

This scooter is pricey at around £1,350. The moment you ride it though, you’ll see why it’s got a big price tag – it’s a real joy to ride.

Pure Electric offers a couple of finance options over six months. 


  • The Inokim OX is made with high quality material and is not your typical generic type of scooter.
  • Perfect for commutes, as well as off-road and urban adventures.
  • Has a max weight limit of 130 kg.
  • Was awarded the 2018 Red Dot Design Award.
  • Top speed of almost 30 mph!

If you are serious about buying an electric scooter, meet the Ox.


  • It is heavy, weighing around 25-28 kg (57-61 lbs.), making it less portable than other electric scooters. It is almost certain to be hard to handle if you sometimes take public transportation.

  • Deck doesn’t have the best grip pads when it’s soaked.

  • Cannot connect to your smartphone.

What are the design and specifications like on this Inokim?


The OX features a unique, yet sleek and minimalist design and is constructed with quality parts. All are custom and made to fit and work together perfectly. Its overall look is innovative, robust, and sturdy. Primarily graphite grey in colour, there are eye-catching orange accents.


When designing the Inokim OX, it was decided to make the throttle thumb-controlled, which is much more comfortable than a trigger throttle, particularly on long rides. The cockpit sits right in the centre for easy viewing of all the pertinent information you need to know.

Unfortunately, it can’t be connected to your smartphone.

Inokim's digital LCD display on the model OX

Display unit functions:


  1. Speed
  2. Speed modes
  3. Battery level
  4. Range
  5. Power on/off

How good is the battery power range?


The battery range is excellent:

  • 60 km at Full Speed Mode
  • 110 km when in Eco Mode.


Charging is a simple process that simply requires you to connect the included charging cord to the scooter’s charging socket and then to the electrical outlet. It go from zero to fully charged in around 7 hours.

Air Pro by Pure Electric comes in grey and black and suits both male and female riders

Around 7 hours to full charge and the battery has a huge range:


  • 60 km at full speed
  • 110 km at Eco speed

Is the Ox easy to fold and store? 


The OX was designed to be easily folded and carried in one hand. However, it is on the heavy side with an average weight of 25-27 kg and can be very difficult to carry for an extended distance or up a flight of stairs.


It measures 119cm x 58cm x 58cm when folded down, which means you will need a slightly larger storage space than you would with most electric scooters.

graphic displays scooter dimensions open and folded away

What’s the ride like?


Equipped with a powerful 800-hub motor, the OX reaches a top speed of 2p mph and makes climbing hills pretty easy, while also offering outstanding ride quality, thanks to the comfortable grips, full-throttle, and smooth suspension. 


The adjustable suspension makes it easy to adjust it to fit your terrain and is incredibly quiet; (Lower suspension is better for higher speeds and higher suspension is better for tougher terrains.)


There are two ride modes to choose from. Full Speed Mode (60 km) is perfect for short commutes, while Eco Mode (110 km range) is ideal for longer commutes.

Any rider is going to love this scooter. We also vouch for buying an e-scoot that exceeds your needs and the Ox is a sure contender. 

What is Scooters Electrics final verdict? Should I buy?


A sleek overall design, the ability to use the OX in urban and off-road settings, and durability; these are just a few of the reasons that our review of the OX by Inokim leaves it as the stand-out amongst electric powered scooters.

You also have to consider the superior build quality and the fact that it offers a comfortable ride, which is not the case with all electric scooters.

Of course, the OX’s major downside is related to its somewhat poor portability. Someone with a small stature may really struggle with it.


Overall, if you can handle the somewhat steep price tag, the Inokim OX is probably the perfect fit for you, especially if you like to go off-road. Actually, for range, power, durability, reliability and speed, the OX is our No.1 electric scooter in the UK. Go the Pure’s website now for a serious look.